Technology Councils of North America (“TECNA”) has selected OneBeacon Insurance Group as its exclusive technology insurance partner beginning in 2016. Through this exclusive partnership, TECNA member companies can access OneBeacon’s property-casualty insurance products and services tailored for technology businesses. OneBeacon Technology Insurance™ is the dedicated resource for this affiliation.

TECNA serves its members and the industry through its strong peer-to-peer network and its regional initiatives to raise the visibility and viability of the technology industry. TECNA represents more than 50 IT and Technology trade organizations that, in turn, represent more than 22,000 technology-related companies in North America.

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Safety Tip

Distracted Driving

These days, you have to wonder if anyone behind the wheel is actually watching the road, let alone maintaining a safe distance, looking several car lengths ahead, and in general, driving defensively. Examples of distracted driving are all around us when we drive for business and personal reasons. When distracted, even momentarily, it is difficult for the driver to practice the fundamentals of driving defensively.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

The field of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is gaining steam with a multitude of companies designing and developing products to take us to the next level. This has been fueled by advances in technology such as increased hardware processing power, better software algorithms and displays that are sharper, lighter and more power efficient, coupled with more affordable technology.

News Article

Technology Councils of North America Announces Selection of OneBeacon as Exclusive Technology Insurance Partner

Technology Councils of North America (“TECNA”) has announced its selection of OneBeacon Insurance Group (NYSE: OB) as its exclusive technology insurance partner beginning in 2016.


Mobile and Personal Cloud Computing - The Next Step in Cloud Computing

As the number of internet-enabled mobile devices grows, unfortunately so do malicious web-based threats. So how can businesses manage the opportunities and exposures associated with cloud computing and Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)? This whitepaper provides an overview of these maturing technologies, security issues and the IT industry countermeasures to address them. As the technology behind cloud computing is the foundation for MCC, this paper provides a discussion of cloud computing before addressing MCC.


Wearable Technology - Function, Fit, Fashion, Fun

Have you seen a person wearing a laptop strapped to their back or someone jogging along the street with probes and cables dangling from various parts of their body? The answer is most certainly “no.”  However, due to the ongoing miniaturization of electronic components and increasing computing power, these same electronic technologies are now available in devices known as “wearable technology” or “wearable devices.” This whitepaper touches on the current and future uses of wearable technology, as well as the obstacles that designers and manufacturers of these products face.

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