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Cyber Liability

2017 Cyber Claims Study

This study was published by NetDiligence whose objective is to provide reliable, insightful, rigorous and informed analysis from consolidating claims data from insurers.

2016 Cyber Claims Study

This study was published by NetDiligence and provides analysis to date of claims data reported from Insurers on losses sustained from data breaches and other cyber events.


Cyberrisk: Threat and Opportunity

This whitepaper was published by the Insurance Information Institute and explores the threats and opportunities associated with cyberrisk.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

The field of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is gaining steam with a multitude of companies designing and developing products to take us to the next level. This has been fueled by advances in technology such as increased hardware processing power, better software algorithms and displays that are sharper, lighter and more power efficient, coupled with more affordable technology.

TechAssureTECNAInformation Technology

Mobile and Personal Cloud Computing - The Next Step in Cloud Computing

As the number of internet-enabled mobile devices grows, unfortunately so do malicious web-based threats. So how can businesses manage the opportunities and exposures associated with cloud computing and Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)? This whitepaper provides an overview of these maturing technologies, security issues and the IT industry countermeasures to address them. As the technology behind cloud computing is the foundation for MCC, this paper provides a discussion of cloud computing before addressing MCC.


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